Dog Walker in London

*Julspops is NOT Accepting Any New Dog Walking Clients at this Time*

If you want to join the waiting list for my dog walking service,
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I’ll be glad to help keep your pooch moving while you take care of business!

Do You Need to Hire a Dog Walker?

Your dog will benefit from a regular routine of physical exercise, and hiring a dog walker in London is a great solution if you need help keeping your dog active.

If you are simply too busy or unable to take your dog for a walk, I will help you in every way I can.

I am available for:

  • Single private dog walking sessions
  • Regularly scheduled weekly private dog walking sessions.
I provide:
  • Disposable poop bags
  • Fresh cold water during the summer months
If applicable, and with written consent, I am comfortable with dosages and administering oral, topical or injectable medications including subcutaneous fluids. 
(My dog walking service is intended for your pet(s) only. No off-leash, dog parks, or group walks. Your dog gets my full attention.) 

*See rates and pricing below.

A free consultation will be provided for all new clients, so we can discuss your pet’s or homes specific needs.  

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Dog Walking Prices:

Single Private Visits:

No group walks, off-leash, or dog parks.

Weekly Mon-Fri Visits:

Full Day Package: Private Visits:

No group walks, off-leash, or dog parks.

Overnights (Your Home):

Additional Information:

  • I supply my own poop bags & fresh cold water during the summer months.
  • If you reside in an apartment building a min of a 30 min visit is required for dog visits, this time is to allow for elevators, walking, feeding if necessary.

Additional fees:

  • The first initial consultation is FREE, follow up visits if required (by client) are $10.00 per visit
  • If you choose to not enrol in the ON-CALL key program additional fee will apply for key pick up and key drop off a fee of $10.00 each way.
  • A last-minute, same day service request will result in an additional fee of $10.00 on top of the initial service fee

*Additional Pets: $5.00 per pet, per visit.

Pricing can change at any time and all services are applicable to 13% HST.


This service is for medical/medication appointment only, NO WALK.

Medications – $10.00
(Oral or Tropical Medications)

Medical – $18.00
(Insulin, Subcutaneous Fluids, drip or syringe method)

*Must have clients written consent for any medical treatment

Benefits of Dog Walking

Besides saving you time, there are many benefits associated with private dog walking, such as:

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Location (Where service is needed):

Walked, Loved & Cared for Because you Care!