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Customer Testimonials


Thanks Jules!
What a happy boy he is.
Thanks for all the pictures, and for the love and care he receives while we are away.
It's peace of mind knowing he is in such loving and professional hands. 
Caroline C - London

Roxie had too much fun with her hide and seek buddy she wishes we did not come home.. lol

Kathy G - London

PS Her sitter is already booked to come back Roxie can't wait



Love Julie & so did Winchester!!

The first person Winchester didn't bark at when they came to the door!!!

We got pictures & videos with updates, while we were gone 😁 Winchester even came home with a treat bag​​

Samantha C - London
Hunter & Pepsi

"From the minute the boys met Julie we knew they were going to love her!
Julie is very honest, trustworthy, and energetic. Her love for animals is so obvious.

The boys have gone on many walks with Julie and they love to play fetch with her.

I would definitely recommend Julie's services and can promise that your pets would be well taken care of."

​​-Ashley, Hunter, and Pepsi - London

Julie is a very loving and dedicated individual who takes great pride in everything that she does.
Her love for dogs and all animals is tremendous; I have witnessed it first hand with my golden retriever.

Whenever Julie came over, Phinnues was beside himself with excitement and ready to go!
I would not hesitate to allow Julie into my home,
she is 100% trustworthy.

- Cindy Barraball - London


We hired Jules to walk Kaizen, Kate's service dog, in the mornings while we were on holidays. Jules is caring, professional and detailed oriented. She followed all our instructions precisely!
Thank you Jules for all you did for Kaizen and Kate.

Bonnie, Kate & Kaizen G, London

Maximus & Penny

Jules was amazing with our furbabies! They absolutely love her!

They were well behaved for her and loved the attention. I loved getting the daily emails with pictures of them on their adventures!

I will recommend and look forward to using Jules again for my family 
Mary - London

We used to board our cat when we went on vacation.

This year we decided to leave our cat in our home and bring in Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Service to care for her.
What a fantastic experience! Julie not only fed, combed, and provided companionship for our cat each day but she also did small things like watering plants, collecting the mail  AND sending daily updates and videos.

A daily journal awaited us on our return. What peace of mind for us and our cat.

This is certainly the way to treat your pet!

Shirley Lawrence - London
Sophie & Daisy

We are so delighted to have discovered Julspops Dogwalking Service!

Recently Jules visited and walked our two Westies while we were out of town.

They were very excited to see her and it made our outing so much better, knowing that they were getting a potty break and a walk.

Our dogs also spent the next weekend at Jules' home. They loved meeting and playing with Summer and Pebbles, and from the videos and pictures that Julie sent us, I can see that they were treated like royalty, with all the spoiling that they get in their own home!

Thank you so much, Julie, I will definitely call on you again!
Bev N - London Ontario

Thank you so very much for looking after him so well. We really felt reassured knowing you were there.
We really appreciated the daily updates.
We hope we can call on you again sometime soon.

I have told all of my colleagues about you and I have been singing your praises to friends and family.

You really are the best!!"

- Susan, Bernie & Lauren R - London
Ace & Axle

"Omg the pics are sooo cute! They love to be snuggled that's for sure. Thanks for taking such good care of them"

- Cynthia Reid - Woodstock

Armand, Burton, Lestat, Santiago & Louis

We were so lucky to have found Julie, to care for our cats.  We went on a very special holiday in April, and Julie was so lovely and kind and caring to our beloved Fur Babies!! 

We felt safe and secure, knowing that she was giving our cats love and affection and most importantly, Amazing Care!!

We would not hesitate to have Julie come into our home again & again, to care for our cats, and we would most definitely recommend her, with the highest of praise!!

It is evidently clear, that she loves her job, and is doing exactly what she was meant to do on this earth!!

Thank You Julie...we love you and we know our cats love you too! ♥️

Lynn & Derek
London, Ontario

Jasper, Owen & Bumper

I highly recommend Julie, from Julspops.

Her services range from a dog walk to full on babysitting, in your home or hers! A wonderfully cheery woman who is extremely knowledgeable, well certified and loves animals.

She took care of our babies while we were away and kept us well informed with pictures and videos!!!!! 

Tara Mazur - London

I was very nervous about hiring a dog walker for my doodle mix, Tali, during the summer months, as it would be the first time entrusting her care to someone outside the family.
I was put at ease almost immediately upon meeting Julie, and these two months of her visiting Tali and taking her for walks flew by quickly and peacefully.
Julie is friendly and approachable, but also highly organized and professional, with an impressive list of credentials and expertise that lets you know that she takes the care and safety of your pet/s seriously.
She was highly adaptable in terms of Tali's needs and unusual quirks, and always provided a 'pet report card' that kept me informed as to what each visit entailed (how Tali behaved, the weather, notable events on the walk, etc...).
Julie quickly discovered what games and activities Tali enjoyed, and kept her engaged and content while visiting.
The photos and videos of Tali on her walks, playing or simply relaxing was wonderful, as I was able to relax as well, knowing my dog was in good hands.
Overall I am beyond pleased with the experience and hope to hire Julie again soon.
I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a dog walker/pet sitter.

Tali will miss the friend who kept her safe and happy this summer!
Sam C - London Ontario


"Thank you so much for looking after Casper.....I was so happy and relieved that Casper was a good boy and it sounds like you spoiled him as much as I do. 

Hope your girls were okay with him invading their turf.  I absolutely cracked up when I heard he did stairs.....never have I seen him do them before so it was good that you did some photos. 

I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I appreciated your taking such good care of my boy and you can rest assure that I will give you referrals and I will definitely use your services again for Casper"

- Barb Gavin - London

Nemos & Bonnie

We used to be neighbors with Julie and from day one, when we talked about our dogs from our porches, it was evident that she loves animals.

On numerous occasions, she came over and let our dogs out while we were away. Not only would she let them out, but she'd also sit down on the couch and watch a bit of television with them just to make them feel better.
Julie took care of our dogs and cats while we were away in the sunny south getting married and once when we went to Cuba.
She always gave us detailed accounts of what had been happening and how well the animals were getting along.

It was reassuring that she was there looking after them because she's so good with our fur babies.
I don't think I could think of a better person to be a dog walker/pet sitter than Julie.
I have seen her with her own dogs and how well she cares for them. She has also been to my house dozens of times and she has always been best friends with Nemos, Bonnie, Quila and our angels at the Rainbow Bridge; Fluffalupagus, Angelito and big daddy Eros.

- Ian & Ange O'Meara - Corinth
(Originally Woodstock)

I had the opportunity to meet Julie and see her interact with my daughter's dog Rosco.
Rosco is a German Shepherd Mix, a medium sized dog but is very strong when he chooses to exhibit it.
During the walks, if another dog or gentleman happened to be on the same path, Rosco would misbehave.
Julie was able to teach Rosco to sit & "leave it" when these two things came up.
Rosco took to Julie straight away, kissing and jumping all over her as if they had been friends for years.
As a person, I found Julie to be compassionate & caring.
Professionally she gives 110%.
I found that she took her work seriously,  responsibly and is very thorough, she is upfront with written paperwork, asking for information such as the name of the vets, shots etc., various possible situations that may arise even possible emergency measures were taken into account.

Even though we only needed Julie for 3 days, on the last day she brought Rosco a little gift bag, nicely wrapped with a ribbon as a small farewell gift.
My daughter, grand-daughter & I were so touched by Julies' thoughtfulness & kindness.

I would highly recommend Julie and her pet services. It was our first experience in hiring a dog sitter and it was more than we could have hoped for.

When the opportunity arises again first on our list would be a call to Julie.

You have a special gift Julie, Rosco, and the Anderson family think you are terrific.

- Wanda, Michelle, Channi Anderson - London


Zorro & Bella​

I absolutely trust my dogs Bella & Zorro with Julie Silcock.
She has been there many times to look after them. I've never had to worry about my dogs when Julie was caring for them.

I have no hesitation in recommending Julie for dog walking or pet sitting.
Bella & Zorro were always happy & excited to see Julie.
I don't know what we would have done without her!

- Shane Riddoch - Port Albert
(Originally Woodstock, On)


Julie is a true blessing for pet owners. I'm a new puppy "mommy"
who was feeling quite housebound and overwhelmed until I found Julie
(when my furry baby was only 9.5 weeks old).
She has a truly natural gift and talent with animals AND she is 110% professional.

Not only does Julie provide top-notch loving care for my precious puppy, but she also taught Monty how to walk down the three steps from my deck to the backyard (when he was 13 weeks) and shared her strategy.
Now Monty has gained the confidence to go down the stairs on his own.

I love Julie's attention to detail and genuine compassion for pets AND owners when she communicates by text or visit report card.

I fully trust her with my furry baby and at my home.
In a nutshell: hiring Julie has been a real blessing. 

-Catherine in London North-East


"We are so grateful to Julie. My family had to suddenly go out of town to attend the funeral of a family member. Julie was able to pick Lexi up and bring her into her own home for the days we were away.
This gave me the peace of mind I needed, knowing that our senior dog had everything she physically needed but even more was being given a lot of affection every day we were away.
Thank you, Julie. We feel very fortunate to be connected to your service."

Pat H - London

Thank you again for your excellent care, I knew Lexi would remember you..her special friend.
I felt confident about leaving her and the house to your oversight...and esp I always love receiving pictures!
Till next time

Pat H - London
Summer & Pebbles

​Adopted by Julie from Helping Paws Rescue

I have known Julie Silcock for a number of years, first through the dog rescue as she adopted a dog from our organization. Over the years I have gotten to know Julie more on a personal level and she is just a wonderful human being.

We do extensive reference checks for every adoption, she had glowing references, including her Vet reference.
Most recently she adopted a 2nd dog from us and just confirmed to us how compassionate and caring she is with the animals.
The recent adoption was a special needs dog and she had no qualms about adopting her. Julie is very kind and caring with the dogs as she is just a very compassionate person. 
Watching her interact with a pet is very heartwarming as that is how I think all animals should be treated.

If I needed someone to care for my dogs I would find Julie to be my number one choice as I know my dogs would be loved and cared for.
- Helen McCreadie - Staffordville


"Jules is a wonderfully warm person and a truly special animal lover"

From the moment we met her we could tell her work with animals comes from the heart. 

Jules always puts the best interest of her client's pets first our dog Maybelline has developed a lasting bond with Jules. 

We always have confidence that Maybelline is in caring capable hands"
The Poulin Family - London On
"Hey Julie

Thanks so much for the treats for Dwight.
Great to see him so happy after a 12 hr shift.

Greatly appreciate your help and love for animals.
- Amaniee D - London
"Hi, Jules-

Thank you for looking after our wee Spencer.
It’s so nice to have someone as sweet as you are to take care of our baby.

- Sara K - London"

The report cards are pretty cute Jules.
Thanks for making going to
work 13 hrs worry free

- Kara S - London

Leon & Minou

"Thank you so much, Julie, for the peace of mind and knowing that Leon
(my little nervous toy poodle) and Minou (attitude cat) are well looked after.
Between the e-mails, fun video clips and the "report card" comments - your service is by far the very best.
You care to know their habits and preferences in detail, your dedication to giving animals the attention they deserve, your gentle approach and knowledge-what a wonderful experience for all pet owners!!

To have my pets looked after in my home is so much less stressful for myself and not in the least traumatizing for my older 13 years old animals. Home is their safe environment.. where all is familiar for the smell., sight and sound.

Great overall experience and I would highly recommend Julspops for all your animal sitting and walking needs.

Again, thank you Julie."

Nadine G - North London

The last long weekend we went to Montreal and we loved that JULIE was able to take care of our dog.
She visited Meela four times a day to let her out for a break.

JULIE did an absolutely amazing job taking good care of her, we could not have asked for more.
She and Meela sat outside and she brushed her hair, she made sure she had water and food at home, rather than her going to a kennel.

She was happy to be at home with her new friend JULIE.

We were very happy with the kindness and great job Julie did and would recommend her highly as an option to take care of your pet while you are away.
Meela loved Julie as we did.

- Lorelia Craver - London


Max & Chester

We have been using Jules to look after our two schnauzer boys while we are away for a couple of days or a week at a time and also to come in and let them out during the day. 

They are always happy to go with Jules and healthy when they get home. 

Jules sends us updates, pictures, and videos while we are gone. 

She is very professional and cares for them very well. 

Our one schnauzer is a diabetic so she administers his insulin needle twice a day
at the correct level and time. 

We are never worried about them when we are away. 
We highly recommend her services.
Lynn M. London On

We contacted Jules last minute requesting her services for the next 2 days.
She was very accommodating coming over to our home for a meet and greet prior to providing dog walks for the following 2 days.
Pedro was very excited to see her each time she came. Jules is professional, bonded, provides receipts and leaves daily detailed reports regarding the time spent with your pet.

Her rates are extremely reasonable. We will definitely use her services again and we will recommend her to our pooch-loving friends!

Thanks, Jules.
Diane P - London On


Jules:  Taking care of Bingo was a lifesaver for us and allowed Florence to recover a few days from her eye surgery. 

Knowing Bingo was happy and in loving hands removed a major worry. We would recommend you in a heartbeat to any prospective client. 
In addition to your obvious love of animals, you have been extremely businesslike and professional. 

Please use this 5-star recommendation as you need.  

Florence and Dr. Michael Scott


It is extremely rare today to encounter someone who goes out
of their way to help as you have done. 
Walking Bingo made it so much easier for us to begin getting
over the eye surgery.

We have made a donation in your name to Dachshund Rescue.   You’ve now also helped a dachshund in need. …
thanks for being you!  

Bingo, Florence and Michael Scott


​PC & Fergus

It was a pleasure to do business with you - I think both Fergus and PC are happy with the care they received. 

Neither is turning their back on us since our return so that is a very good sign.

Michele P - London

Rambo & Floyd

Though we have only had Juls as a dog walker for a couple of months, her connection with our two dogs is incredible.
Juls spends an hour each weekday playing with our boys and giving them unconditional love.
She lets them out to pee and plays with them inside and outside. She gives them tons of attention, including massages which our older pup loves.
Juls leaves us a personalized ‘Report Card’ each day, and sends us text updates including pictures and videos of the boys playing, which helps us through our workday! 
Juls has helped us with the house training of our 8-month-old puppy, and though she has had to clean up several accidents, she continues to enthusiastically work with us on our house training plan.
Juls goes above and beyond in ways that we could not have imagined (including closing a window in the house that I left open on a rainy day). She pays great attention to our dogs, noting irregularities in their behavior and overall health, which is so helpful when we lack the time to be so attentive.

Our pups are our babies, and we never thought that we could trust someone with them as much as we trust Juls.
They truly love her, and we are so grateful that we found her! 
Andrea C - London

  1. Floyd
  3. Floyd

​Paysha & Eugene

Thank you so much for the above and beyond care you gave my babies.

I will always tell people about the feeling of security to know my cats are not only being taken care of but also loved while I'm away.

Thank you so much

Kira Radar - London
  1. Mookie
  2. Frankie
  3. Tikka
  4. Mali
  1. Leah
  2. Liz
  3. Mychal
  4. Freya

"I count myself so lucky to have found Jules and her petsitting business.

I travel quite a bit and it gives me that peace of mind to know that I have Jules to call on to take care of my companion animals while I am away.

Jules is very professional and thorough but most of all she obviously cares very much about the well being of the animals.
I have quite a large animal family and on her first stay, Jules made sure she got to know each one and their various likes and dislikes – and even won over the affection of my one boy who normally will stay well clear of ‘strangers’!

I would highly recommend Jules and so would my animal family – they all love her and that says something more than words."
Vicky L - London On

  1. Sam
  2. Louis
Love Julspops service!

Jules is wonderful. She is attentive and completely reliable and trustworthy. She is genuinely caring and conscientious person who loves animals.
Our first experience was great. She took care of our cat and gave her attention she needed for two weeks we were away. I felt comfortable and had ease of mind knowing that she will be looking after her and our home.
I got regular reports on how the cat is doing and that all is good in the house which was great to know while you are away. I would recommend her with no reservations to anyone in need of assistance with their pets.

We are so grateful that we have found her and will be using Jules from now on every time we are away.

Mihaela J - London Ontario



If you have a need for someone to walk/care for your dog, I highly recommend this service and I will share my story.

Recently, suddenly for 2 weeks and because of a medical issue, I could not take my dog Emi for her daily 2 km walk! Without this walk, she goes nutty and runs amok throughout the house. My neighbor recommended Julespops, I phoned and she agreed to help me.
Because I would be home all day every day, she was able to fit Emi into her schedule. My means the world to me, we are together most of the day to the point that she is not so comfortable if I am not around.

Well, she immediately bonded with Jules because Jules is so warm, kind and just has a positive way with animals and myself as well!
Emi was comfortable going off with Jules and a bonus was that Jules took some pictures so that I could see that Emi was enjoying her outings.
I am even planning for Emi to stay with Jules when I am away in the spring on a long trip.
Being able to see pictures of Emi will help allay my own anxiety re her wellbeing when I am away.

I have no hesitation in advising you to contact Julespops service first!

House Sitting

We had Julie check on our house for us while we were on vacation.
She did an excellent, professional job.

We would not hesitate to recommend her services.
Thanks, Julie.

London - Brian W.