Dog Walking/Sitting Form


Dog Sitting Single Private Visit
15 Min Potty Break $18.00
30 Min Visit $21.75
45 Min Visit $25.00
Additional pet(s) $5.00 per pet, per visit

Weekly Visit -Monday to Friday (Inclusive)
30 Min Visit $92.50
45 Min Visit $117.50
Additional pet(s) $5.00 per pet, per visit

Full Day Package: Private Visits: $56.50
2 x 30 Mins & 1 x 15 Mins
Includes feeding, refreshing water, medications, bringing in the mail, parcels, flyers, newspapers, playtime, brushing, watering indoor plants, putting out the garbage/recycle boxes, house check & cleaning up any accidents
Additional pet(s) $5.00 per pet, per visit

Overnight Visit – Your home (Dogs) - $55.00
Overnights - start at 6 pm, and leave the following morning at 7 am (13hrs). This is a great option if you are wanting your beloved pets to stay in their own environment if they are elderly or unwell. Your pets will have companionship with their sitter, and someone will be staying in your home overnight and show occupied.

This service includes: 2 walks one on arrival (PM), and one in the morning (AM), outdoor time (yard), refresh water, feeding, mail, indoor plants, bring in parcels, flyers, newspapers, house check, brushing, playtime, cleaning up accidents, put out the garbage & recycle boxes, administrating medications, oral, topical, IV Fluids, insulin shots (with clients’ written consent), minor plant watering, (outdoor watering would be an additional cost, the cost would depend on the size of the yard)

Additional pet(s) $5.00 per pet, per visit

Pet Sitting

My Home

24 Hour Period (1 Pet) $50.00
24 Hour Period (1 Pet) $65.00

Your pet(s) will come to my home I am a PROFESSIONAL pet sitter in London, and I will provide them with plenty of love and TLC. I will make every pet sitting occasion feel like home! No crates are USED unless your pet comes with their crate. Small dogs are allowed to sleep on the bed with us, and the larger dogs get freshly washed dog beds and blankets.

Also, includes two walks a day (valued at $43.50), and playtime inside and out in the yard. We have plenty of dog toys for your pets to play with, which are washed on a regular basis and replaced when worn.

We provide pure bites dog liver treats ONLY!!, which is also good for dogs with allergies, if you prefer your pets to have their own treats please bring them along with their own food. (Food is not provided).

For boarding your pets must have the following:

  1. Dog(s) must have all their CORE vaccines Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). A copy must be provided.
  2. MUST have Flea, Tick and Parasite Prevention from April to November, but year-round would be an added bonus.
  3. Dogs must be house trained and well behaved… Other conditions may apply
  4. Medications - Must be clearly marked, with your pet's name, please ensure you have completed the medication section on the pet form, dosage, when the medication is to be given, how, and how often etc;
  5. Be Bathed - If your dog comes unbathed they will be a bathing fee added to your invoice starting at $35.00, this is my home and not a boarding facility.

Pet Sitting

Your Home

Please contact me for pricing if you wish for the pet sitting to take place in your home. The price is dependent on several factors such as the number of visits, and whether or not overnights will be required.

If your pets are more comfortable staying at home, pet sitting at your own home may be the right choice for you.

I can visit as many times as needed for play, walks, administering meds, and can even stay the night to keep them company and provide plenty of cuddles.

The service also includes refreshing water, feeding, indoor plants and outdoor pot plants, bringing in the mail, flyers, newspaper & parcels, house checks, cleaning up accidents, and putting out the garbage & recycle boxes.

If additional tasks are required and not mentioned above we can discuss them during the FREE meet 'n' greet which may result in an additional fee depending on what is required.

Additional Information:

  • I supply my own poop bags & fresh cold water during the summer months.
  • If you reside in an apartment building a min of a 30 min visit is required for dog visits, this time is to allow for elevators, walking, feeding if necessary.

Additional fees:
  • The first initial consultation is FREE, follow up visits if required (by client) are $10.00 per visit
  • If you choose to not enrol in the ON-CALL key program additional fee will apply for key pick up and key drop off, a fee of $10.00 each way.
  • Last minute, same day service request will result in an additional $10.00 fee on top of the service fee.

Pricing can change at any time and all services are applicable to 13% HST. HST # 776780512RT0001

  1. The parties agree that they shall not disclose any terms and conditions contained in this agreement to any other party and shall keep same confidential between them.
  2. Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services agrees to provide dog walking services to the client, only by private walks, (IE: one family at a time) no dog parks, off leash or group walks are provided.
  3. I authorize Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services to perform dog walking services as outlined above.
  4. I authorize Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services to obtain any emergency veterinary care that may be necessary during the time spent with my pet(s). I accept responsibility for any charges related to this emergency care. I also authorize Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services to utilize an alternative veterinarian in the event my primary veterinarian is unavailable. Every effort will be made to contact me prior to obtaining emergency care.
  5. Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services accepts no responsibility for security of the premises or loss if other individuals have access to the home during the term of this agreement.
  6. Dog walking will be performed only by Julie Silcock – Owner of Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services during all assignments. I do recommend in having a back up in case there is ever a time I am unable to care for your pet(s) due to illness.
  7. I agree to reimburse Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services for any additional fees for providing emergency care, as well as any expenses incurred for unexpected visits, transportation, housing, food, or supplies.
  8. Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services agrees to provide the services stated in this agreement in a reliable, trustworthy, and caring manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services, except those arising from proven deliberate negligence of the pet sitter. This includes and is not limited to transporting your pet(s) to the vets during an emergency, or any transportation that is required whilst pet sitting is being performed.
  9. I understand and agree that the amount of time I book for a dog walk (i.e. 15, 30, or 45 minutes) includes any additional time required by Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services to prepare my dog(s) for the walk (or clean my dog(s) when the walk ends). This includes routines such as placing clothing / booties (outdoor wear) on my dog(s), feeding, cleaning, and any other requests. Further, there may be days when Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services arrives earlier or later than the start of your scheduled appointment. This may be due to traffic, weather, emergency, etc. Should this occur, your dog(s) will always receive the full 15, 30 or 45-minute walk you've booked regardless of when I arrive for the appointment.
  10. Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services will not be liable for the injury, disappearance, death, or fines of any pet(s) with unsupervised access to the outdoors.
  11. Client will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to other persons caused by the pet(s). Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services in the event of a claim by any person injured by the pet(s).
  12. It is expressly understood that Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services shall not be held responsible for any damage to client’s property, or that of others, caused by client’s pet(s) during the period in which they are in its care.
  13. I attest to the fact that all licenses and vaccinations required by the Province of Ontario, the City in which I reside and/or the City of London are current according to the law. A current copy has been provided to Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services for her records.
  14. I agree to inform Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services of any changes to my pet(s) health or diet to stay consistent with my pet(s) needs.

Emergency Preparedness
Client Profile & Home Information
People able to make decisions about the care of pet(s) or home in emergencies) MUST BE FILLED IN:
Contact #1

Contact #2

Realtor, housekeeper, landlord, gardener, pest control, relative, friends, etc.)
Contact #1

Contact #2


Home Information
(this is only needed if overnights are required at your home, thank you)

Apartment / Condo Information

Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services can NOT be held responsible for any plants that may not survive; I will care for them the best I can.

This agreement will remain valid for current and any future service.